The amendment: changing borrower insurance in 2018


The entry into force of the Barkins amendment allows you to change borrower insurance in 2018. This is very good news to lower this insurance related to your mortgage, to make competition, to make substantial savings and to shorten the life of your mortgage. duration of your loan.

Barkins amendment

Barkins amendment

Initially provided in the body of the law Sapin 2, the possibility of terminating the borrower insurance was sanctioned by the Constitutional Council for reasons of form. Then resumed by Senator Martial Barkins, his amendment was finally adopted.

Through this timely perseverance, from 1 January 2018, you may terminate the loan insurance annually with a notice period of two months. A change favorable to all the subscribers of mortgage loan which will be able to thus obtain better conditions by the putting in competition of the various insurers; the only imperative is that the guarantees of the new contract remain equivalent to those backed by the original commitment.

How to change borrower insurance in 2018?

How to change borrower insurance in 2018?

To enable you to save money and save time, this approach can be fully supported by your credit broker Wilhelm Meister, based in Toulouse (31) and at your service for 14 years. Specialist in the pooling of loans, real estate loans and borrower insurance, we take care of everything.

After a personalized study (situation and needs), we will submit you an offer among the best of the market. Because borrower insurance is a significant part of the overall cost, any savings you make will allow you to reduce the amount of maturity or the term of the loan.

If the cost is a criterion of choice, it is also advisable to remain vigilant on the guarantees, to make sure that they are adapted to your situation so as not to be penalized you if necessary. Thus, beyond the standard clauses covering death and total loss of autonomy, it is also necessary to check the cases of professional incapacity taken into account.

All these points are scrutinized by our expertise. That’s why Credit Wilhelm Meister saves you time and money. We advise you and accompany you to the end of the process.

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