Understand the calculation of the interest rate of a credit surrender | Loan consolidation

An individual looking for a credit redemption has as a main question: “How much do you buy back ? “.

You will find above some lines with explanations on the interest rate proposed according to the customer file.

Each credit consolidation offer is offered at a different interest rate. According to the credit redemption simulation, then the interest rate is higher or lower.

The interest rate of a loan

The interest rate of a loan

The interest rate is the margin of the lender.

It is an annual rate, expressed as a percentage and calculated in relation to the sum borrowed.

To make it simple, the interest rate of credit and consumer credit, or home loan is the price to be in the case of the subscription of a loan of money.

It is not possible to obtain the same Anansement rates from one file to another, unless the different financial ratios and the Anansement plan are exactly the same and proposed by the same credit house.

Buyback of credits at what rate?

Buyback of credits at what rate?

The interest rate depends on the customer profile, it is drawn from a range of products eligible to the borrower in relation to the different financial ratios that constitute the repurchase of credit.

One can imagine that a bank specializing in credit restructuring offers through its panel of products, five offers consolidation loans. The product range has as Excel name, so we have Excel 1, Excel 2,…, Excel 5.

The interest rate ranges from a range of 2% to 6.5% over a 20 year amortization period from Excel1 to Excel 5.

For example the files eligible for Excel 1 at the rate of 2% are the best borrower profiles:

  • Maximum debt before operation 55%
  • Household income over 3000 €
  • Rejection of withdrawal on consumer credit 0
  • Rejection of deduction on real estate credit 0

And the files eligible for Excel 5 at the rate of 6.5%, are those that have a:

  • Maximum indebtedness before unlimited operation but whose reason is justified by an accident of life
  • Household income above 1350 €
  • Discounts of maximum levies on credit conso 4
  • Rejection of maximum deductions on real estate loans 2

Your experts at your side for your simulation redemption of credits

The Ananse Ananse Company listens to its team of broker buyback credit expert in the study and research of financial solutions for individuals to conduct a simulation of repurchase credit in agency or online, and determine the credit solution grouped tailored to your projects and your repayment capabilities.

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